Sunday, October 13, 2013

Well, Hello October!

It's my favorite month of the year: October. I love the Fall season: crisp weather, leaves falling down, rainy days, putting on seasonal candles, wearing cozy sweaters, pretty fall make-up, bundling up in a blanket at the the fireplace reading your favorite book, drinking hot cocoa with your friends... 

BOOTS 129.00 EURO // SWEATER 39.95 EURO // HAT 22.95 EURO // SKINNY
JEANS 49.95 EURO // GLOVES 22.95 // CAPE 139.00 EURO // BAG 149.00 EURO

Above I found some cute items that I would gladly welcome into my wardrobe for fall! You can find them all at ZARA. 

Note: All prices are written in EUROS. Visit their website to see your local currency prices.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Travel Essentials

People are traveling all around the world right now, so I thought this would be a great time to share some fun summer travel essentials and tips!

Whether you're driving, taking the train or jetting around the world, it's very important to feel comfortable in every way. Picking out a comfortable outfit to travel in and knowing that you took everything with you, already makes quite a difference. Traveling always seems to be more stressful rather than feeling well-rested afterwards. That's why it's important to prepare yourself: being well-organized means less stress and MORE fun, and that's what we're going for right?

When I'm at the airport, I love to keep all of my necessaries separate in my bag. I always put my wallet at the bottom, a separate coin purse for loose change above it and I use a small pouch for my ID, ATM cards, credit cards and important documents. It's also better to wear a watch, rather than constantly checking your phone, so it won't drain your battery. 

We've planned a 12-day trip to Dubai in about six weeks, so I'm very excited and already picking out things along the way to take with me! 

1. DRE BEATS earbuds // 2. MICHAEL KORS tote // 3. EVIAN facial water spray // 4. TORY BURCH ballerina flat // 5. SEE BY CHLOE pouch // 6. DIESEL watch // 7. JONATHAN ADLER oversized scarf // 8. REBECCA MINKOFF leather sunglasses case // 9. KATE SPADE small stacy wallet

What are your travel essentials?

Note: If you click on the product names above, it links to either an American, UK or Dutch website where you can purchase the product. There's a possibility that they only ship to European or Dutch addresses, but I'm sure you can also find these at your local stores where they sell these brands or you could try and Google them.