Monday, October 29, 2012

10 Random Favorites for Fall

10 favorites for fall...

1) Dior Addict perfume, EUR 43.93 for 20ml
2) DKNY Saffiano leather handbag, EUR 284.95
3) Tommy Hilfiger Ocala sweater, EUR 139.00
4) Ted Baker Lexi Bow earrings, EUR 35.00
5) See by Chloe Ipad cover, EUR 115.00
6) Barts mittens, EUR 22.99
7) Hunter fleece socks, EUR 49.00
8) Bobbi Brown lip balm with SPF15, EUR 21.00
9) Kamy Hat faux fur scarf, EUR 79.95
10) Supertrash rainboots, EUR 79.95

Note: All prices are written in Euros. If you click on the brand names above, it links to a Dutch website where you can purchase the product. It's possible that they only ship to Dutch addresses, but I'm sure you can also find these at your local warehouse where they sell these brands.